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      Fulton County Gospel News has been in circulation since 1953. When it started, it was not intended to last this long nor reach this far. It began as an informative paper for the churches of Christ in Fulton County, Arkansas. Originally, there were only 200 copies printed which were hand addressed by one of the ladies of the church – Rosa Ragsdale. At the end of 1957 FCGN came to an end. However, because of its popularity and faithfulness to the word of God, it resumed publication in 1959. 

      Today, nearly 10,000 copies of FCGN reach 49 of the 50 United States and 12 foreign countries on a bi-monthly basis. It began as a monthly publication from 1953 to March of 2011. From April 2011 until December 2012 FCGN was published on a quarterly basis. From January 2013 until today, FCGN has been bi-monthly. The members of the Mammoth Spring church of Christ fold and address each copy of the paper on the last Wednesday night of every other month. For example, the January/February edition is prepared on the last Wednesday in January and mailed on the following day. There are many man-hours that go into the preparation for the mailing of the paper.

      Over the years, nearly 500 authors have contributed articles to FCGN. This paper is an extremely valuable resource to preachers and Christians all around the world. If you are interested, you can contact the church at Mammoth Spring and purchase a disc which was put together early in 2018. The disc contains all available copies of FCGN from January of 1953 to December of 2018. Each disc is $10 and all funds go to the printing and mailing costs of the paper.

Editors of Fulton County Gospel News

January 1953 – August 1956 Boyd Morgan

August 1956 – December 1957 Arthur Blackwell

January 1959 – June 1960 Wesley Hylton

July 1960 – October 1960 Clovis Ragsdale

January 1961 – December 1961 Boyd Morgan

January 1962 – December 1967 Richard England

January 1968 – July 1974 James Henley

August 1974 – May 1981 Harold Turner

June 1981 – February 1986 Mike Pace

March 1986 – April 1987 Charles Coats

July 1987 – January 1989 Jared Williams

February 1989 – May 1989 Clovis Ragsdale

June 1989 – July 1991 Eddy Gilpin

August 1991 – August 2004 Ted Clarke

August 2004 – July 2014 Lee Moses

August 2014 – Present Barry O’Dell

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